Hailing from the vibrant metal scene of Berlin, we, Avistortion, emerge as a powerhouse duo poised to redefine the boundaries of heavy music. Vocalist Joel Steve-Dawe, known for his commanding presence and grainy vocal style, and guitarist Soheil Bon, both seasoned veterans of the stage, joined forces to create a sound that is as relentless as it is captivating.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences spanning the metal spectrum, our sound is a dynamic fusion of classic and contemporary elements. Influenced by the likes of Megadeth and Judas Priest to Linkin Park, System of a Down, and Ghost, we seamlessly blend the raw energy of traditional metal with the innovative spirit of modern metal pioneers.

Our collaboration in Avistortion is not merely a meeting of musical minds, but a fusion of shared experiences and creative visions. Having shared countless stages together during Soheil’s time with METALL, Joel and Soheil bring a sense of chemistry and camaraderie to our partnership that is palpable in every riff and melody we create.

With influences ranging from classic metal legends to modern innovators, our sound is a reflection of our diverse musical backgrounds and shared passion for pushing the boundaries of the genre. From the raw energy of our live performances to the intricate melodies and powerful lyrics that define our studio recordings, Avistortion offers a sonic experience that is both visceral and profound.

Listen to our new single “Twisted Game” on all major platforms and experience the raw intensity of Avistortion’s sound. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates, releases, and behind-the-scenes insights into our creative process.

Band Members

Joel Steve-Dawe

  • Singer
  • Lyricist

Stephanie DePrez

  • Singer
  • Lyricist

Soheil Bonakdarzadeh

  • Songwriter
  • Guitarist
  • Lyricist

    Avistortion is the perfect band for those who like good hard rock, with melodic heavy metal influences and who manage to bring good influences to their debut single, where the band manages to create their sound in a modern and very original way! It deserves every second of attention because the band knows very well how to captivate its audience!

    Twisted Game is a song that was born ready to be a hit, you know those songs that you know will catch on with the public? Well, Twisted Game is exactly one of those! With a very direct proposal, with riffs, moments full of energy, drums, bass and a vocal that ties it all together and brings a unique and engaging atmosphere, where I can only say, the only problem with this song is that it ends! 

    Metal Junkbox

    When we think about Heavy Metal, Germany is one of the first centers of the style, always revealing great names. Avistortion, formed by vocalist Joel Steve-Dawe and guitarist Soheil Bon, is the newest name to join this list, as on April 12th they presented their debut single, entitled “Twisted Game”.

    The duo delivers music based on Traditional Heavy Metal, with typical elements from the 1980s, but with a more updated, modern feel that doesn’t leave the sound dated. The main highlights are the great vocals and the quality riffs and melodies that emerge from the guitar. Without a doubt a name to watch closely in future releases.


    It’s time to listen to a great debut, this is Avistortion, the German metal duo, who emerge with the release of “Twisted Game”, an anti-war anthem that will make you reflect on the cost of freedom. Consisting of Joel Steve-Dawe, a vocalist with a raspy and powerful voice, and Soheil Bon, a master of the guitar. Together they create a sound that is as brutal as it is hypnotic.

    “Twisted Game” throws us right into the horror of war from the first riff. The guitar grips you with its frenetic rhythm and Joel’s voice conveys the guilt and shame of violence, makes us question humanity and the true cost of war. a perfect song to make you reflect on the world we live in.

    Musically we hear an influence of classic and modern metal and hard rock, with influences from bands like Megadeth, Judas Priest and Linkin Park, the panorama is very big with this German band.


    German band Avistortion has just released “Twisted Game”. This composition is full of arrangements that demonstrate the musicians’ remarkable versatility and maturity. What draws attention is the vocal timbre, which has a unique and striking peculiarity. With a power metal proposal, we have a strong and engaging sound.

    The melodic guitars shine, standing out with each phrase. The bass and drums accompany the proposal, giving incredible weight to the song. The combination between the voice and the instruments is fantastic, resulting in a work full of captivating melodies and a completely pleasant harmony.


    Something that has caught me this day this iconic and masterful song against the current war, from Berlin comes this powerful Rock Project “Avistortion” who deserves all the attention because he has created a dark and raw song that hooks with its direct lyrics that will make you question the course of the present on the edge of the abyss, Continuing wars that only cause destruction and death (a twisted game in which no one wins).

    Personally, I have loved the depth of its lyrics since it is a reflective song that makes us wonder where our humanity is, following the path of evil for stupid ideals, I really loved the vocal performance so great and that game of breakdowns sustained by tense rhythms, I like its melodic touch since it is capable of staying in the head for a long time, That’s why I recommend it because its message should be heard in every corner of the world, don’t miss it!


    “A powerful, dynamic, vibrant track that perfectly captures the essence of Slacker Rock. The work with the instrumental part is excellent, real professionals in their field are capable of this! Overall this is a fantastic example of quality music at its best and is sure to become a favorite among fans of the genre.”

    Nagamag International Music Magazine